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Benjamin Rasmussen chosen for 2011 project.

Ben Rasmussen

Ben came to my attention when I was researching photographers for inclusion in the Design for the Other 90% exhibit that Project Exposure was a part of this past summer. His ability to work with sensitivity in challenging locations was evident in his photographs of the traditional whale kill in the Faroe Islands, the long running conflict in the southern Philippines, the remote Wakhan Corridor in Northeastern Afghanistan and the small town of Chugwater, Wyoming, all of which were featured in the exhibit.

Ben’s work draws on his diverse life experiences of living with indigenous people on an island in the southern Philippines, evangelicals in northern Arkansas and descendants of Vikings in the Faroe Islands. These experiences made him an ideal choice for the project we’re working on in Guatemala with Friendship Bridge. His unique style will help Friendship Bridge set themselves apart from other NGO’s by using photography more effectively to communicate their mission.

As the project gets closer later this month we’ll be updating this blog so please check back to find out how things are progressing.

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