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So often a person’s perspective of another culture is formed by what they get from the media and until they have firsthand knowledge that suffices for "understanding." But when we get to know people on a one to one basis like Ben and Julie are doing this week, you find that those perceptions are often times misinformed.

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Waking up early with anticipation, as I’ve done every morning this week, I’m delighted to see how this project is progressing. As I’ve said before, the role of Project Exposure is to create a long lasting collaboration between a photographer and a non profit.

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Guatemala: Day 3

Looking at the video Ben posted yesterday and the blog post from Julie solidifies exactly what we’re trying to do with Project Exposure. The weather may not always be perfect but despite that life goes on for these women.

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Good Luck!

All of us Project Exposure wish the team of Julie Malmberg of Friendship Bridge and photographer Ben Rasmussen good luck as they embark on their journey to Guatemala today.

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Project Exposure awards grant to Friendship Bridge

Project Exposure has awarded Friendship Bridge a grant to photograph their micro finance projects in Guatemala. After reviewing several grant proposals, Project Exposure awarded this year’s grant to Friendship Bridge for their unique approach to micro finance and their desire to communicate that approach more effectively through photography.

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