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Beth Wald:Health for the Other 90%

Health for the other 90%

Beth Wald is one of four Colorado photographers selected by Project Exposure to take part in a unique collaboration between Project Exposure, Design for the other 90% and Redline Gallery. Her work along with three other photographers is projected on the walls of the exhibit as a way to “put a face” on the “other 90%”. In addition, she will be presenting her TB project for the dZi Foundation at Redline Gallery on Thursday July 28th 7-9PM. There will also be a panel discussion about global health and how artists like Beth use their talent to illuminate the issues and solutions.

In her photography, Beth Wald combines a lifelong love of the natural environment and a fascination with the world’s diverse cultures in a wide-ranging visual exploration of how humanity interacts with nature. In her documentation of cultures and landscapes at risk around the world, she tells the stories of people and places that have been marginalized by geography, politics, war, economics and modernity, as well as their struggles to survive.

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