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Morocco 2010


Looking back on my travels this past summer in Morocco, I’m struck by the similarities between that nation and others I’ve visited in regards to water. Having travelled extensively in regions where water is a scarce resource, it never fails to surprise me how difficult it is for the vast majority of people on the planet to get access to one of life’s most basic necessities. Clean water is such a luxury, yet we here in the “developed” world treat it as though it will never run out and will always be available. Living in the semi arid west of the United States, I know that the day will come when neither of those will be the case. And at that time, we’ll have to come to grips with our ways and learn some lessons from people like these kids in Morocco.

At Project Exposure our hope is that these types of realizations will inform and empower people to change their ways for the better as well support change elsewhere. With that in mind, we’re actively interviewing photographers and non profits that can help us execute this vision.

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