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Project Exposure awards grant to Friendship Bridge

Friendship Bridge

Project Exposure has awarded Friendship Bridge a grant to photograph their micro finance projects in Guatemala. After reviewing several grant proposals, Project Exposure awarded this year’s grant to Friendship Bridge for their unique approach to micro finance and their desire to communicate that approach more effectively through photography.

Friendship Bridge is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that provides microcredit and non-formal educational programs to Guatemalan women. Based in Denver Colorado, they promote women’s empowerment through access to education and capital which in turn provides a means to self-employment and self-sufficiency. Their goal is to inspire women to become leaders and agents of change. Today, they currently empower more than 13,000 women in Guatemala.
The project details are nearly finalized and an itinerary has been drafted for the assignment which begins October 23, 2011. We’ll be sharing more details here, as well as through our newsletter, including a bio on the photographer selected for the assignment and how to stay up to date on events as they occur.

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