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Project Update 10/18/11


With the project start date less than a week away we got this message earlier today via our partners at Friendship Bridge:

Emergency Message to U.S. Citizens

October 17, 2011

Dear American Citizen:

The following is an Emergency Message for U.S. citizens regarding in-country travel.

Due to continuing severe weather conditions throughout Guatemala, the Embassy strongly recommends that U.S. citizens postpone all in-country travel until the weather improves and landslides are cleared.  This includes travel on roads and highways that traditionally have been less affected by seasonal rains. The recent heavy rains mean that water saturation in the mountains is high and more landslides could occur. 

Even when the rain stops you should obtain updated information and verify that the route that you will transit is safe before departing.  We recommend that you inform a friend, family member or colleague of your plans and let them know when you have reached your destination. 

So in light of the current conditions on the ground in Guatemala we have decided to postpone the project until the situation stabilizes and travel becomes feasible again. In the meantime, we’ll be making posts to the blog to keep everyone up to date on the latest.

Tim Ryan
Founder, Project Exposure

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